It Gets A Little Bumpy


Have you any idea
What the future holds?
No more than I do, I fear.
And I don’t know much.

Life is a mystery.
An endless riddle.
Moment to moment,
Anything can happen.

When we least expect it,
BAM! Life hits us in the stomach,
Knocking all the air out of us,
Perhaps bringing us to tears.

How strong are you?
You don’t know, until it’s too late.
Life will throw you a curve,
That you didn’t expect.

Or, maybe, if you’re lucky,
You will be ready.
Either way,
Don’t hold your breath,

When you wait for easy answers,
Or for your ship to come in.
You won’t win the lottery,
No matter how much you spend.

Life obeys the law
Of diminishing returns:
If you expect a return,
It will diminish!

So, join me on this
Roller coaster express.
Hold on tight.
It gets a little bumpy.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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