Ode to a Cat Bowl

Oh, you magnificent treasure,
You ark of the covenant of appetite,
You holy well of sustenance and
Source of glutinous lust for cheap thrills!

Oh, to be you for only one day!
To feel the warm hands, full of reverence and preserving of sanctity,
Ushering me into a special place,

A rendezvous with my beloved,
Where I am caressed and kissed,
Licked to the bone with the sweetest
Of saliva, dripping from my lover’s tongue!

To be an object of craving,
To instill the peaks of excitement,
With my adoring supplicants
Yearning to the extreme for my presence!

To be worshipped with the most
Disgraceful of idolatry,
Stirring in the soul a passion
That provokes the most magnificent

Of athletic displays,
Searching in vain,
But with the hope of last hopes,
To woo, to seduce, to conquer.

Only you are worthy to be
The beautiful, perfectly round,
Sturdy and strong,
The most intimate of fellows.

Oh you, oh wonder,
Oh, cat bowl!

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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