Grace Is Now

Grace is now.
God is here.
He wants you to join him,
To bring heaven to earth.

To end the fighting,
And establish peace.
To end the taking,
And give to all according to their need.

To turn the swords and spears
Into plowshares and pruning hooks.
To cultivate God’s creation,
To sit down to a heavenly banquet.

To celebrate, to have fun.
Play frisbee in a park,
Or bask in the sun at the beach
Without ever getting burned.

To watch football games
Played according to the rules,
With nobody arguing, or
Getting their panties in a wad.

Swimming in a crystal blue ocean,
Pure and clean, with no pollution.
Always recycling everything.
There will be no waste.

Only eating just enough.
Never binging. No food poisoning.
Everything will be fresh,
And full of flavor.

We will see all our friends
And all of our family,
Every generation back
To the beginning of time.

They will all be there,
Comfortable, peaceful,
Without a hint of suffering.
And no pain.

Everyone will get along.
We will all have each other’s
Best interest at heart.
Life will be good.

Very good.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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