Drifting into Inner Space

Glide into the atmosphere.
Soak in the peaceful silence.
To get away, to take a break.
It’s such a nice relief.

Sometimes the tension
Of the everyday stress
Can strangle your soul.
Set it free.

Find a quiet place,
All alone.
Drift into outer space.
Listen to the earth groan.

What comes next
Is your decision.
Could it be a touch or a taste?
Anything goes,

It’s your time to breathe.
Escape from the noise and the smoke.
Take a swim in the pool.
Stretch, or take a nap.

Relax. Find your rhythm again.
Meditate about love.
Curl up with a good book.
Open a window and look.

Nature busies itself,
But only loses its rhythm
When we step in,
So stop and listen to it.

Feel the breeze,
And the warmth of the sun.
Hear the cricket chirp.
Marvel at a dragon fly.

There is no end
To reconnection.
Drift to your heart’s content.
It is your time.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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