Seeing You

Laugh when you can.
Yuck it up!
It is only in those
Brief moments

That we obtain relief
From our frustration.
Being human is
Being with limits.

We have time and space.
We have each other,
Which in a perfect world
Is a very good thing.

But in our world,
A fallen world,
Things are different.
Except in extraordinary

It is every person
For their self.
In those times

When we can
See the humor
In our crazy situation,
We get a break

From all the drama.
When we find
The strength
And the motivation

To look past
Our own misery,
And to see our
Brothers and sisters

In need,
These are special
Moments that
We should treasure.

When we see past
Our own problems,
And appreciate
The presence

Of each other,
It is in those times
That we are truly


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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