Tainted Soul

Tainted soul,
A ghost of a man.
Can he catch
The witch that ran?

Screaming succubus,
Following me.
In reality,
She wants to be free.

In the day
I run from truth.
Sort of like
I run from you.

Is there a clue
For me that’s true?
Do you ask me?
I ask, too.

What will be
The next death trap?
Can you show me
On the map?

Test me now.
I want to know.
If you like me,
Tell me so.

If you do,
It can’t be true.
Do you know
If I am who

You think I
Am today?
I can’t tell you
What to say.

I can’t tell you
If I’m gay.
I don’t really
Give a hey.

I don’t know
Myself what’s true.
Maybe if I
Try to sue.

Sue myself,
I should do.
Please, you tell me,
When I’m through.

Below is where
The dreams come true.
Behind they grill you,
Whatever you do.

What do you think
I should try?
Really, I’m not
That kind of guy.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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