Where Are the Chickens?

Anxious now,
But not sure why.
Could it be
The spicy chicken I ate?

Sometimes I wonder
Why I mess things up.
I wish I was more organized.
I’m so cluttered.

“Eat that frog!”
Is what they say.
But how do I handle
It all at once?

I guess I don’t.
I should take it
One piece at a time.
But I always

Take on more than
What is manageable.
Is my specialty.

Got to focus.
But I do that
All day at work.

I just want to relax.
Do I have to deal with it
Right now?
“Eat that frog!” they yell.

But procrastination
Is so much easier.
Or is it?
What is the cost?

A good night’s sleep,
Piece of mind?
Staying within our budget?

It becomes
An avalanche.
A man-made

One day,
Those chickens
Will be back.
Will I be ready?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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