The Life of a Servant

Happy thoughts make
Happy lives, but
Happy thoughts
Don’t come so easy.

Sometimes we feel
Like we’ve been robbed
Of what we deserve.
Sometimes we wish

Life could be better.
But if we all look around,
And if we are honest with ourselves,
We find that life, for most of us,

Is just not like that.
Perhaps it is because
God knows what we really need.
Although life would be easier

If we didn’t have any problems,
Life would also be pretty boring.
Not only that, but
We would not grow.

God made us in his image,
That is, in the image of Christ.
Christ spent his life, and his death,
Serving others.

Christ was rejected, tortured,
And murdered, despite
Never doing anything wrong.
He didn’t deserve the problems

He had to endure, either.
But he dedicated himself
To helping others
And constantly giving of himself.

Perhaps, if we look to him
As our example,
We might come to understand
That even though life

Does not seem fair,
Life can still have purpose
And meaning.
Although we may not always

Be happy,
We can find satisfaction
And even joy
From serving the needs

Of those around us.
When we do this,
We also find that we can identify
With Christ.

We grow closer to him,
By sharing in his suffering.
Then, unhappiness takes on
New meaning.

And though it may
Be hard to admit,
Perhaps, it can become
Something for which to be thankful.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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