Something New

Happy, slowly feel your way.
Come soon to the day we play.
Rhyme a lot and pass the time.
Curl up close and start to climb.

In your sleep you dream away.
Passing through, it seems to sway.
Stop your heart on a dime.
Color, sketch and draw a line.

Can you see what is to come?
Feel vibrations as they strum.
Clouds descend then blow away.
Each new smile is a new day.

What will be is what will be.
Just accept and set it free.
Leave the other to spend a life.
Never wasting on more strife.

Catch a closing thought to picture.
Pull the edge and feel the friction.
Some time soon it all will end.
And your hardship start to bend.

Do you think it’s time to go?
If that is all, then maybe so.
Should we tarry to find our step?
Now it comes, nothing left.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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