The Unexpected

Claim a spot on the ground.
Jump up to the sky to see
A different view for a change.
Something different always helps

Clear the air and clear your head.
Wouldn’t it be nice to do
Something different every day?
But it would be chaos!

We would never know what to expect.
We would have to stay alert
All the time for the next random
Problem. We would live in fear.

So maybe the same old, same old
Is not so bad sometimes.
At least we can rest a little bit
In comfort, knowing at least

To some extent what will happen
In our crazy lives each day.
Of course we don’t always know
What people will say or do

In any given day,
But we know what is expected of us.
We have a routine,
At least most of us.

We do this because it works.
There is relative security in our minds
With the feeling that we are okay,
We know what comes next.

So, next time you are bored,
Perhaps you should consider
The alternative: