Such a Bore

Hen-pecked, tried and true.
Rearranged, then cried, “I love you!”
Do you dare, or do you dare?
Wonder where the fun is coming from?

Are you solvent, or just a tease?
Come down softly, bending knees.
See the logo, flying flags!
Hear the anthem, the verse now lags.

Are you an angel or a jungle gym?
The cage you sleep in with him
Reeks of dogs with fleas!
Do you wage a different kind of peace?

I claim the mountain until the end!
I refuse to break or even bend!
I will not go to and fro!
I won’t be the one who won’t say no!

Can we meet halfway there?
Do you think I am a bear?
Forest pixies laugh and shout.
They know you and will find you out.

Catching something in the air,
Closing lids and combing hair
Is such a bore when I want more
Than just hello and you don’t care.