Either Way on Either Side

I see you there, hoping
For something new.
Waiting and moping,
Feeling rather blue.

You only wish
There was a finer dish
To occupy your taste buds
Than the awful dose of crud

That fills your bowl.
You begin to howl,
But it is all in vain.
You are out in the rain,

Shivering from the cold.
You want to take a risk,
Something big and very bold,
So you throw a kind of disk

Up in the air, then catch it close.
The route is planned.
You’re so morose.
Your book is banned,

That is for sure.
You tempt with such allure.
Are you here with something more,
Or just reciting from folklore?

Only one will get through.
It may be me, it may be you.
But that is neither here nor there.
I will follow her up the stairs.

Kingdom come is falling now.
Angels dance and gods will bow.
Are you free to be somehow?
Feel it boom and go “Ka-pow!”

Let’s go to the store.
I will sit and start to roar!
We can have a lot of fun
As we slide, then start to run.

Will you come or will you hide?
Will you jump, then start to glide?
Take them now for a ride.
Either way on either side.