UFOs (part 2)

(Continued from part 1…)

The small creatures gathered
At the bottom of the large tree,
And then the larger creature
Started chewing up whatever

Was in its mouth, then
Dropping pieces down to the ground,
Where the babies eagerly
Gobbled them up.

That’s when I saw it: an arm.
A human arm. It was badly maimed,
But I could still make out
A hand, with partially chewed up…

Fingers. Yuck! And…yikes!
Was this creature a predator?
That would make me the prey.
Perhaps this was how cavemen felt!

But it couldn’t be a pterodactyl,
Could it? After all this time?
I had bent down low behind
A large rock, probably in much

The same way that a Neanderthal
Would have, so long ago.
I really was no expert on dinosaurs,
But I stared at the creature,

Trying to make sense of it all.
As I stared at, I guess, “her”,
She seemed to sense my gaze.
She turned from her babies

And looked right at me!
I wasn’t fooling her.
She knew very well that I was there,
She just didn’t really care.

That should have been no surprise,
But I was used to being
At the top of the food chain,
Not someone else’s potential lunch!

As she stared back at me,
Two really weird things happened:
First, I couldn’t believe it,
But her eyes appeared to glow!

Sort of the way the embers
Of a wood fire do.
The glow fluctuated,
Then went very bright.

Just then, I heard a voice,
Like a woman, saying,
“Hello, human.”
I looked around,

Wondering where the voice
Was coming from.
There was nobody around but “her”.
And she was not talking,

At least not with her mouth.
Her mouth was still chewing
And spitting out remains
To her young.

But she was still staring at me
With those glowing eyes.
Her greeting reminded me
Of my thoughts earlier,

When I first saw the younger
Creatures flying: maybe aliens?
Is that possible?
For a second I chuckled,

Thinking I must be losing it for sure.
How could I even consider that?
Aliens, from another planet?
That’s crazy!

Then I heard her voice again:
“Greetings, young one.”
Now I haven’t considered myself
Young for quite a while, so

At first I thought that maybe
She was speaking to someone else.
Then I realized:
She wasn’t talking,

She was thinking.

(To be continued…)