Echoes of the End

Coast about the desert plains,
Searching for a word in vain.
Close your mouth to the sweet refrain,
Trembling lips pray for rain.

Happy now to make ends meet.
Comforting to taste the sweet
Fruit of mana around your feet.
Laughing loudly, with a smile you greet

Strangers as they pass on by.
Angels bend to hear your cry.
Softly whimpering nearby,
Friendly nations start to sigh.

Do you know the secret song?
Do you wait for it for long?
Trying to see beyond the wrong,
Memories flash of Vietnam.

So many wounds around you now.
So many suffering children frown.
If only we could fathom how
To spare the life of our sacred cow.

Conflict comes like a mighty storm.
The dead multiply as vultures sore.
High above, piercing eyes bore
Through our bodies, they cut to the core.

Is the end coming soon?
We wonder amidst the ancient dunes.
In our beating hearts we make room,
As hungry wolves howl at the moon.

If they do not spare our lives,
Neither offspring, nor our wives;
If the kingdom come does arrive,
We are ready for the knives.

Another Adventure

Slide into the inner sanctum.
Glide above the stratus clouds.
Call across the ancient ground.

Is there anyone left
In this collection of strangers?
Who will be next to cough up a tale?

Follow me as I run this race.
Close behind, I hear your footsteps.
Realms beyond the imagination

Captured in a passing glance.