UFOs (part 1)

One warm summer evening,
I was taking a walk in the woods.
I was winding down a trail
That eventually came out in a clearing.

Looking up, I saw a flock
Of bird-like animals on the horizon.
Squinting into the sunset,
I tried to make out what they were.

Something hissed,
And then I knew: they were not birds.
Some sort of flying reptiles,

A group of them alighted
On a tree limb nearby.
Creeping up upon them,
I was amazed at their beauty.

With a leanness not common
In humans, they had a shiny
Olive skin that glistened in the twilight.
It occurred to me that maybe

They were not earthly creatures at all.
Perhaps, for it has been millions of
Centuries since the pterodactyl
Roamed these skies.

Just then, a loud cry emitted
From the mouth of one of them.
Then they all started to cry out.
I didn’t know what to think.

Was it me they were reacting to?
Out of the corner of my eye,
I noticed something large
In the distance, rapidly approaching.

As it got closer, I realized it must be
About the size of a small airplane!
I decided that maybe I should
Take cover, so

I crept away, back to what I considered
To be a safe distance.
It must be their mother, I thought.
The creature landed at the top

Of a much larger tree, near the tree where the smaller creatures were.
Now I saw that the larger creature
Had something in its mouth.

(To be continued…)