My Favorite Pet

Little furry foundling cute as a button or

Two. Missing you as you’re here with me

As I know you won’t always be. You’re a

Cozy pal to have on a cold day, I feel your

Warmth on my leg as you lounge to your

Content, my favorite pet, my sweet one.

Mind Quake

Story tank bribe smooth envelope name

Enamored teacup conversation enabled

Slow dance card play tit for that what? No

Not yet she said not really but it was quite

Clueless of her to sexualize the situation I

Wasn’t ready just a virgin just sheltered 

No idea forgotten memories all blocked

Out seeking purity but the baby was

Thrown out the pile of excrement in my

Heart banned to another country in mind


Maneuvering iceberg cupids such ghosts

Privilege sucks it creates walls you don’t

Know what you’re made of until suffering

Takes over your heart and mind the vial

Of poison that comes with relationships

Inevitably broken through communicate

Miscues oh so simple but we’re not told

We Are All Immigrants

Very too serious, emitting

Insecurity, a damper on the

Gentle breeze of humor, and

Sarcasm is abundant,

Yet the professor without it blows

Away, as academics pushes her

Out. A survivor of much pain,

Grows tougher and tougher,

Bringing the plow and steam roller

Onto the stage, in order to prove

Her point. They hide it under a

Large cloth but no one wants to be

The first to peek, at the mangled

Corpse, a victim of a broken world

And a privileged race and class

That believes they are above the

Law. It will be a beautiful day in

America when everyone realizes

Their descendants were

Immigrants too and everyone

Takes a different path that does

Not have to correspond with

Their’s, but is still just as valid.

This Hollow Mind

A shade, providing a haven from

Ghosts, miracle workers and

Thieves of the mind and soul.

Strive with the strength you have

To commit, to dedicate, to infuse

More truth into this hollow mind.

A blaze, covering the innocents,

A squall puts the inferno out.

Too soon for a deep concern, too

Late for a valorous intervention.

As flies, cockroaches scatter across

My too darkened vision, too

Blinded adjustment. To meet such

A soul, amidst a path, rolling up

The autumn breeze into a ball.