Sleeping is nice, when you can.
It helps you feel refreshed
For another day.
Drugs are good, if they work.
Some people need more,
Some people need less.
I like to sleep, if I can,
And I’ll take drugs, if they work.
Sedatives will do the trick,
If you use the right ones,
But you can take too much
Of that kind of stuff.
Addiction is worse
Than a little insomnia.
So I try to relax on those nights,
As best I can, without them.
Sometimes, though,
You just gotta do what you gotta do.

Tricked by Honey

A young cape buffalo was so mesmerized by the ...
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Mesmerized.  Taken in slowly,

Then so fast you can’t stand it.

Room to grow but nothing doin’.

Alone, so very alone.  Keeping one’s

Secrets close to home. Shame, shallow,

Around and around you go,

It’s all the same.  Nothing changes

Until you get sick of it all.  You can’t

Stand it anymore and you want to be free.

Outside influences aren’t worth much.

It is a personal, visceral decision.

To cut out one’s heart and throw it

Into the ocean!  To separate oneself

From everything—everything that

Brings you closer.  You must sever

That bond, all ties, or else you will be

Pulled right back under.  It’s not a

Journey, it’s not a path.  It’s a scream

In the dark of desperation.  You are trapped.

You are suffocating.  And you must be free.



Free Write Friday; Addiction