Created Beauty, Destroyed

Create from nothing, a body and soul, with a spirit inside, the image of God; and animals, with the spirit in them; though this fallen world makes some animals violent, sick or neglected. It’s a shame really, and our soil, water and air are all becoming polluted and unclean. Do you think there is any hope for the earth? Violent crime is lower than ever but people are being imprisoned for drugs at a record high. It’s big business for the criminals and the government. Howard Thurman said that institutions do what is in their interest, even churches; so, I say the government is prosecuting drug possession like it’s murder, in order to perpetuate itself.



Sleeping is nice, when you can.
It helps you feel refreshed
For another day.
Drugs are good, if they work.
Some people need more,
Some people need less.
I like to sleep, if I can,
And I’ll take drugs, if they work.
Sedatives will do the trick,
If you use the right ones,
But you can take too much
Of that kind of stuff.
Addiction is worse
Than a little insomnia.
So I try to relax on those nights,
As best I can, without them.
Sometimes, though,
You just gotta do what you gotta do.