Jumping down, I catch a clown,

Jumping all around.

My laundry list is full

Of cows and pigs and

Cosmopolitan issues.

Find a frown in a peaceful treaty,

A peaceful war, a peaceful hanky.

Close the door on a mighty lefty,

A cudgel friendly, a sifting bough.

Watch the TV, see a mouse run,

Down the hall, and into pizza.

Look at me, I’m a free bird.

Climb a tree, sing a melody.

Walk in circles, follow unanimously.

Run the race, a merry go round.

Stop in to see the sprinkler funny.

Wash your car and cover the town.

Listen to the cymbal crash in your ear.

That’s a merry lady!

Echoes of a Silent Gift

Silent echoes ring in your ear.

The emptiness is mystifying.

One crumb, a feast for a family.

Rats crawl out of the cellar.

What is the path to warmth

On this chilly day?

A gift is given in some time and place,

Far away from the city.

Stars in the swirling sky

Shine hope to a lonely heart.

Is there yet love? He asks himself.

Ah, but how could this beautiful world exist

Without it?


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