Jump Then

Ask as I say, well

Stupid is as stupid does, my dear

Yes, and you shouldn’t talk

With your mouth full.

Green light tells you to go.

Who decided that?

And why stop on red?

You see what I mean?

It just goes on and on!

I never! I always do.

Do you think the recipe

Is alive in his left hand?

Do you trust me?

Jump, then, for your life!


What’s It to You

He, he, high dee ho!

Come with me

Don’t drop the soap.

In the cave of evil things,

There’s a list of what to make

For Christmas dinner.

So go to the store,

And buy the trimmings,

And we’ll meet here

In the end.

And we’ll sing loo, loo, loo,

Loo, loo, loo, loo, loo!

Away in a pancake,

A serpent smelled.

What’s it to you, buddy?

I’m drunk. I don’t care.

What’s it to you?

I’m married. I don’t have

An opinion on the matter.

A Poem

Writing a poem is as easy

As saying please for help

When you’re broken down

With a flat tire

Or your radiator has overheated.

Boy, I could sure use some help right now.

Well, friend, what do you need?

A bottle of water would be just fine, Jim.

Okay, brother, don’t mind if I do.

Let’s work on this together.

To my wife, I say, I love you.

So what’s the trick, Bill?

Just say what you mean,

Or if you’re more daring,

Say what you don’t mean.

Easy as pie!

One Last Stand

Riding fast, I heard the blast

Of a shotgun behind me.

Pull over! They shouted,

But I wouldn’t give in.

I raced the sheriff

To the border, and that’s

Where I made my stand.

I got out some sugar,

Some lemonade mix,

And a jug of water.

I mixed it all together,

One last time.

Thirsty? I asked,

With a broad grin.

Not this time, Cisco.

But I’ll be watching you.