Load Up

Top of the heap

Is a nice place to be, it seems,

But bottom of the barrel

Is not the end of the world.

Feel the heat

Coming from the sun.

Bask in light

And loosen up.

Do you remember

What it was like

To not have much

But make it through anyway?

We can do it

If we put our backs

Into it.


The Privileged Few

Wealth doesn’t seem to rub off

Or trickle down, or whatever.

Instead it relies on stealth and lies

To sucker in lots of help,

Unbeknownst to the miserable many,

Who work long hours, dreaming

Of plenty but seeing none

Of the fruits of their labor

Cross over the fence

To their bank account.

No, it stays at the top

With the privileged few,

Who rally the troops

When the going gets rough,

But leave them to starve

After the work is done.

So, don’t put all your

Proverbial eggs in one basket,

Or you’ll be broke long before

They pick out your casket.

A Walk in the Woods

Happy thoughts drift through my head.

Thinking of you instead

Of all the stuff that gets me down.

I want to smile, not to frown.

So what would you say

To a walk with me today,

Holding hands, we navigate

The rough path in the woods.

It’s not too late

To get out your jacket and hood,

And gloves to stay warm.

The storm is past

Just us at last,

Going for a stroll.