What am I afraid of?
This sickness in my stomach,
That won’t go away.

Anxiety ripples
Through my body.
Is it God,

Or is it man?
Perhaps both.
But I know

Who I am
And whose I am.
And I know

Who holds the future.
If God knows
Even when the

Little sparrow falls,
I know he watches me.
I must sing

Because I’m happy,
And I must sing,
Because I’m free.

God will take care of me,
And my little worries.
He will be there,

Every step of the way.
He will carry
All my burdens.

No matter what,
I am his child.
With his help,

I can do this!


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

2 thoughts on “Fear”

  1. Sounds like me. I’ve had gastritis and various other digestive disorders for months. Last year I was hospitalized and given a CT Scan. My Doctors still have no idea what is wrong with me. Could be diverticulitis. It is most probably nerves since I’m kinda high strung. Trying to work out my stress through meditation. For the past two weeks your posts have all been on point with my life. Incredible insights.

    1. Hi, DeBorah. Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear of your stomach problems. Weird how my posts are speaking to your situation, but glad that they are. It is a small world, and as they say, “God works in mysterious ways!” Good to hear from you. Thanks again!

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