Loving Each Other

Loving each other
Is sometimes hard to do.
We let our preconceptions
And stereotypes
Get in the way.

Our first, second,
And third impressions
Taint our view of each other,
As if, the few conversations,
Or lack thereof,

Are all there is,
Or will ever be,
To our relationship,
Or each other,
As individuals.

We forget,
That when we take the time
To really get to know people,
We discover that
We all really have a lot in common,

We are more alike
Than we are different,
And we can always find
Aspects of each other
That are interesting and important.

What are we afraid of,
Is it really that big a risk
To get to know each other better?
We’re just afraid of

What we don’t know,
What we don’t understand,
What we don’t accept.
But we will never know,
Until we try.