Write Here Now


Writing in circles
Comes naturally to me.
Must be the
“Staring at the belly button” syndrome.

So, now, how are you?
Have you thought about tomorrow,
Or do you not concern yourself
With anything but now?

Wise choice, really.
I tend to think about tomorrow a lot.
Maybe it is a waste of time,
Or, at least, a waste of energy.

Maybe if I point that energy
Towards right now,
I might come up with something

I might do something daring!
I will do something dangerous!

I will risk my life!
Or, perhaps,
I will just sit here,

And write a poem.


Have You Stepped on God, Lately?


Of insight and foresight
And in between,
Make the going get rough.

Angels speaking
In our dreams
Confuse and intimidate.
Who’s to know?

God is one,
And all is one,
And all is God,
But, who is God?

It’s easier
To just make it
Through the day,

Clawing and scratching,
Whatever way works.
We just hold our breath,

And push ourselves through.
But, is God there with us,
Giving us strength?
Is he holding his breath, too?

Does he know,
What will happen?
I like to think so.

But sometimes,
God seems
More human than God:

A gentle carpenter,
A man who suffered
That we suffer,

And more,
Because he had the power
To end it all
With the snap of his fingers.

He laid himself down
For us to step on,
Track our muddy feet
On his face.

The shame of it all
Disgusts me.
How could we be so bold?
And yet we still do it,

Every day, don’t we?
When is the last time,
You stepped on Jesus?
Probably today.

Another Tomorrow


Sinking through something,
The bottom drops out,
And it all caves in.

Drooping faces,
Long frowns,
Sad clowns,
Hopeless cases.

But do,
Hope again!
Hold onto glimpses,
Shining beacons,

Parting clouds.
The sun shines again!
There is a tomorrow,
A morning after.

The great equalizer.
There are always
Ups, and downs.

So, don’t give up!
Keep remembering,
Once you fall,
And, again,

You get back up.
Just move on!
Climb out of that greasy pit
That you are wallowing in!

Come to your senses!
Get back in the game,
And smarter

Then ever before.
Get back on top!
You decide
What to do with your life.

Whether you stay here,
Or you learn,
You grow,
And you are the better

Because of it.
It is up to you.
What will you do
With tomorrow?

Choosing to Love


Love is a difficult thing.
If it were easy,
More people would do it.
It involves

Coming out of our comfort zone,
Which most of us would admit,
If we’re honest,
We do not usually do willingly.

Perhaps that is why God allows pain.
We struggle to deal with
The problems of life,
And we grow because of it.

The pain is too much.
It crushes us.

I have to believe,
That in those times,
God is with us,
Weeping by our side.

But everyday struggles,
The daily stress of life,
Teaches us things,
Develops our character.

We share with each other,
We bond together,
When we reach out,
To give, or to receive.

We become closer to each other,
And closer to God.
God’s blessings
Are mysterious, sometimes.

God uses the worst experiences
To teach us about ourselves,
And about others.

When we choose to love,
To bless another,
We are the one
Who receives the greatest blessing.

God gave us a choice:
To love, or not to love.
When we make that choice,
The world becomes a better place,

And we become a better person.


Slide dump crumble slump
Pump rump swamp clump
Wallop roll hell really sit
Wow cow now how brow

Mean sweet sleet cleat
Feet mood rude crude
Slur clue eschew find
Create clean morph

Tackle wrinkle nickel
Mitt sweat make sink
Swear mellow lack
React malt loud track

Sack Mack salt swallow
Still ending equal mark
Kick tick click writ pit
Lewd true lick slick

Rind tin sort tort tart
Climb order toward
Quarter stick tick
Queen elevator rad

Mod light whack kite
Locker ward lots wet
Wheat lord ankle why
White laugh hide orb

Might mud beat veer
Gift lead chew wad
Pet year rot pup it
Poop lit mad get cell

A Request from A Friend


Drop the mask, is what I ask.
Come through, honest kind of folk.
Be a peach, don’t be bleach,
Cleanse your heart, not your mouth.

Living honest is the goal.
Walk the line of heaven and hell.
Be the truth in love, they say,
But love is more than truth, today.

Can you see the difference?
Can you feel the tax expense?
Are we still the best of friends?
Is it all a second guess?

What is your opinion, now?
Show me quickly, show me how.
Let’s work, side by side.
Togetherness is not to hide.

I like it when you are yourself.
I like it sometimes, off the shelf.
Be here with me, stick so close.
If you’re faithful, I will know.


Capture feelings in a jar.
Stare at endings from afar.
Look inside to tell the truth.
Lose your pride in what you do.

Long I sing of kingdom come.
Long I wait to see the Son.
Ever think it would be this?
Ever lose the one you miss?

Creatures keep my eyes ablaze.
Ringing thoughts congeal a haze.
Round a circle, tried and true.
Do you think I’m also you?

Let us go together, then.
Let’s hold hands like holy men.
If you hear the way to go,
Go there quickly, so I’ll know.

Tribes of heathens curly cue.
Blow a bomb and then they sue.
Who’s to blame doesn’t seem
That important in my dream.

Tightly type around a cloud.
Clothing elbows in a shroud.
Lots of love comes round the bend.
In a temple we are friends.

Follow every tip they give.
Wanting to be how they live.
Quarter chicken in a soup.
Exercise with hula hoop.

Rowdy rainbows find your face.
Rewind kindly at a pace.
Recognize the type it is.
Drink it up with quite a fizz.

Helping angels find your room.
Hiking up a mountain view.
Cooking lactose biscuit eyes.
Do you like it grilled or fried?

I like all I recognize.
You are tempting to my eyes.
Let’s chow down until we hurt.
Just explain a second birth.

Bip Bop (I Am Me)

Fix never, slip, bip bop,
Hang twice nice triumph;
Not closed, so open,
Loud, screaming, level.

Nearby near you, then me.
Cackle creatures nickel
Meandering, rewind
Lengthy schmoozing.

Clinging to swipes.
Violent wipes tangle,
Angled towards them.
Running underneath

Realms of agreement.
Lords of acidic types
Round reading ripe.
How to claim the same,

Leaning to the best
Endings, conquest.
Defeat suffering.
Best to be least.

At the bottom,
I feel it coming.
It climbs up me.
It surrounds me.

It covers my head.
Am I happy?
That’s a silly question.
I am me.

Banana Heads

Closed to fumes
Erupting in my circumference.
Auras claim my soul tonight.
Happy halos chime the time.

What is the signal
To the riddle
Inside the home front?
Hell or high water.

The truth pushes out
From deep denied.
Chomping jowls
Herd the heaps.

Harassing n’er do wells
Cover the ancient wisdom
With recent flabbergasted
Ripe tarantula teepees.

Quite converted angel types
Come begging at my door.
I seek the end
As soon as possible.

Tackle the flames.
Recite the names
Of all the pitiful

Hanky horrendous
Manger myths.
Might sack sword rolled
Realm rowdy reviews.

Tricked, then trapped.
Trumped, then triumphed.
Flickers of smack down
Meandering banana heads.


Happy trial, stopped in flow.
Go, go, go, the last to know.
Me, then you, then both of us.
Can you tell the way I fuss?

Ending trite, I might come through.
Swivel me, and drivel you.
Holy cows and names in vain.
Waning truths believed again.

How to do the impossible:
Quite a challenge, then I throw
In the towel, running fro.
Do you solve it? Another bull.

Ending now, coming to a close.
Summarize the lies of those
Hoping fools in wishful thinking.
Truth is traded for desperate yearnings.

Ask if I can tell the difference.
Not sure of that, even inference.
Determine the delusion of the moment.
Close the door on the tangent.

Will we ever discover what
God would tell us,
Apart from our thoughts?
Maybe we will realize,

It’s all the same game,
We memorize.
Doubt claims truth,
Truth clings to doubt.

I sit here and pout.