A New Day


Here, I see,
The end is coming.
My end, your end, the end?
I’m not sure.

It’s coming.
I can feel it.
Or, maybe, it’s not an end,
But a beginning.

Perhaps, both.
Change is scary,

Have you been there?
I wager you have,
Many times.
It’s not always fun, is it?

But, sometimes,
Change can set us free.
Change can usher in
New frontiers,

Glorious in scope,
Endless in limitation!
Change is a great relief!

A difficult time
With a long-sought reprieve.
A painful journey,
Coming to a close.

Today may be hard,
But tomorrow
Always contains a promise
Of possibility.

May we all strive
To remember:
Joy comes in the morning.
Never give up hope!