True for You


Little trigger happy elf,
Sauntering down the road,
Can you tell me
What life is all about?

Pretty dream girl,
Can you tell me of
Sad stories, but true,
Scars to sympathize with you?

Happy baby,
Bouncing on
Your Daddy’s knee,
Can you tell me

What you will see
In this great big world,
I wonder.

We all have stories
That we can tell.
We all know mysteries
That we can share.

We know things,
From insight
And experience,
And, perhaps,

From God.
What is true for you,
May be true for me, too.
But, then again,

Maybe not.
But, perhaps,
That is another truth
In itself.




What am I afraid of?
This sickness in my stomach,
That won’t go away.

Anxiety ripples
Through my body.
Is it God,

Or is it man?
Perhaps both.
But I know

Who I am
And whose I am.
And I know

Who holds the future.
If God knows
Even when the

Little sparrow falls,
I know he watches me.
I must sing

Because I’m happy,
And I must sing,
Because I’m free.

God will take care of me,
And my little worries.
He will be there,

Every step of the way.
He will carry
All my burdens.

No matter what,
I am his child.
With his help,

I can do this!