Flash news real limping
Meal end dapper drink
Sealed sold elder tube
Tank swim tangle sink

Lair lube rule rainbow
Trial bend lord lame
Mean row much such
Wretch elbow link

River endear mender
Lines silver same ill
Will weird hand hen
Sordid vent voracious

Slender temple tender
Sender member ink
Mink mar man land
Kick quite quit mitt

Mark stark sand linen
Stint mint sort cavort
Leer weed read more
Roar ravenous steal




What’s inside the envelope?
Is it meaning?
Is it truth?
Or a lie, a shadow of you?

What’s behind
The face in the mirror?
Is it happiness,
Or, more probably,


Outside of Its Cage


Stepping close,
To get to know you.
Reaching out
To touch your skin.

Are you real,
Or just an apparition?
Do you hear
What I am saying?

Are you listening
To the meaning
Behind the words?
Can you feel me?

Let’s be friends.
We’ll make peace
With ourselves,
And with each other.

We will be true.
We won’t hide
Behind empty rhetoric,
Or trite comments.

We will reveal our hearts
And souls and minds.
I will be
Who I truly am.

You will be honest,
Sincere, matter of fact.
You will be
Up front with me.

No games.
No power trip.
No controlling.
No fixing.

I like to wear
My heart on my sleeve.
It just feels better

Outside of its cage.

The Real Me


Can I tell you how I feel?
Perhaps not.
Perhaps, you don’t want to know.
Perhaps, you don’t believe
In being honest with your feelings.
You think that some thoughts
Should not be shared.
But how can you know me, then?
How can you ever get close?
Don’t you want to know
The real me, as opposed
To the me who I am on the outside?
You can’t know what I’m really like,
Unless I tell you.
You cannot see the beauty in my soul
Unless I uncover myself,
Peel away the social mask,
The pretend me.
I don’t want to be a fantasy.
I want to be real.
I want to be me.