Happy Easter!


The Easter Bunny
Said to Santa Claus,
“I don’t believe in you!”
Santa said, “Me neither.”

The Tooth Fairy
Their conversation,
And offered,

“You two are crazy!”
I don’t think
It really matters
If we believe.

“It’s what children believe
That keeps the world turning.
Miracles and fantasies
Are the food of legend.

“If you have love
In your heart,
And you believe
Like a little child,

“You will inherit
The kingdom of God.”
The other two smiled
At each other,

Shook hands,
And agreed
That the Tooth Fairy
Was right.

Said the Easter Bunny,
Have a chocolate egg.”
Santa smiled again,

And said,
“Thank you,
Easter Bunny!”
I will put you

On the “Nice” list,
And maybe
This Christmas,
I’ll bring you

Extra special.
You, too,
Tooth Fairy!”

“Thank you,
Here’s a dollar
For you.

“Don’t spend it all
In one place!”

“Happy Easter, everyone!”


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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