Everything Always

Here now, but now there.
There and here and over there.
Then here, now here.
Then there, then here.

How are you then?
How did you get here now
When you were there now?
You are here and there then.

I am you and you are me.
We are me and we are you.
You are us.
I am us.

You are them.
They are you.
I am them.
They are me.

God is there now and then.
God is here and there now.
God is here and there then.
God is here now and then.

Who is God?
We are all part of God.
And God is all of us.
God is me and God is you.

But you are not God,
And I am not God.
God is us, but we are not him.
God is everything and everyone.

Look Whip

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