So Nice?

So what do you say
When you have nothing to say?
You say nothing, I guess,
But are you gay?

I will go out to play today so soon
I will I will do that that which I will do
Will you play are you me are you you?
What is today? Will you play today?

Play with me. Play here there everywhere. Play guitar play nicely
Do not be gay be happy be nice
Be privately happy to be gay.

Do not go there be free be nicely
Do be that way today. So how are you?
What is your name? What is your favorite color today play nicely now.

Is your name stay here go there
Be everywhere be with me now.
Love is good is love is me to you.
Be nice thrice times New York happy.

Happy land Disney happy Snow White
And seven short dudes smoking pot
And tripping on acid no that was Alice
In wonderland what if it was you or me

Or somebody close what if they were
Not nice or never gave blood or died?
What if someone asked you are you
Are you are you. Will you play nice?