Hell Is Me


Hell is being away from you,
Not hearing or seeing you,
Not knowing that you care.
Hell is being alone.

Hell is when you’re mad at me.
Hell is not being forgiven.
Hell is being hated.
Hell is being mistreated.

Hell is being betrayed
By someone you love.
Hell is being neglected,
Abandoned or abused.

Hell is something we encounter
Every day.
Hell can happen anywhere,
At any time.

Hell is real.
Hell is here.
Hell is you.
Hell is me.

The Best of Friends


I know you,
Yes, really know you.
And you know me,
The real me.

You accept me for who am,
As I am,
Inside and out.
We don’t keep secrets.

Tell me what you think,
Exactly what you think.
Be honest.
I value your opinion.

What have you experienced?
Where have you been hurt?
What works for you?
What have you discovered?

I want to hear your story,
Feel your pain,
And your joy.
I want to laugh with you.

So give it to me straight.
I can take it.
Don’t hold back.
Tell me the truth.

I appreciate that you
Feel free to be yourself
Around me.
We don’t have to hide.

We trust each other.
I know that you
Only want the best for me,
And I only want the best for you.

So, let’s go together
Into this big scary world,
Holding hands,
And holding hearts.