Bears are furry and cute,
But they have sharp teeth.
I don’t imagine
That bears make good pets.

My office building sits
Beside a lake
On the edge
Of a large forest.

One day, when we
Were in a drought,
The lake had dried up,
And a bear came across

To look for food.
He smelled something
In our dumpster.

Saw the bear
And sent out an email
To the whole company

To be careful
And stay away from the bear.
Within a few minutes
Several people made their way

Outside to check out the bear.
So much for being careful!
Nobody got too close.

Bells and Light

Bells declare that church is starting,
Or dinner is ready,
Or that my cat is coming
Down the hall.

I like bells. They are nice.
Bells are pretty.
That must suffice.
Ring your bell,

Wherever you are.
Ring it out,
Loud enough
So all can hear!

Ring so that
They will know
You are alive!
Ring it now!

Then jump start your heart,
And dive right in,
Into life, with all it’s currents.
Don’t be swayed

By popular opinion.
Do your thing
Just the way that only you
Know how to do.

Be yourself!
Shine like the sun!
Shine, so that the whole world
Can see your light!