Apples Can Be Sweet

Apples can be sweet, and
So can armadillos, if you
Caress their feet.
Aardvarks can give you
A bit of a chill,
If you get in their face.
They like their space.

Adam was the first man.
He came before Abraham.
Absalom was David’s son.
Ample opportunity
Was given to be done
With all his trouble,
But he refused to run.

Art can be fun,
Or very serious.
Like poetry,
By an ornery cuss.
Of course they can be both,
If one doesn’t make a fuss.

After you apologize,
I will not argue with you.
In the afternoon,
I hope it’s cool.
Did you hear
What I said to you?

Attack dogs can be dangerous.
They chew on your clothes,
And your mother makes a fuss.
She gets tired of having to sew
Your pants back together,
Even in the nicest weather.

The Atlantic Ocean is a large lake.
It is too big to swim across,
Even for your boss,
But you can bake a cake,
While you ride in a ship.
Don’t quiver your lip.

Would you like a sip
Of my after-dinner tea,
Or would you dip the tip
Of an Amberjack?
After all,
I will cut you some slack.

Aim high when you shoot.
Don’t look at your boots.
You are in cahoots
With the one playing the flute.
I will find out the truth.
It lies at the root.

Altered states can be confusing,
Especially when you’ve been boozing.
Quiet talks can be soothing.
But not when you are moving.
Americans are never musing
When it’s time to do some cruising.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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