Twisted Dreams

Twisted funnies enraptured
With seduction in a tea cup.
Faux pas amidst enlightenment.
Scribble riddles crying out.

Mysterious values tipping the ship.
Chain reactions squeezed into
A perfect soliloquy to love,
Death, triumph and defeat.

Creative juices overflowing the glass.
Revolution of time and passing
Through to another dimension.
Fantastic claims and ingenious

Turns of heckling phrases.
Screams in the night echoing
Through dark alleys and into
Dumpsters. Ricocheting above

The unseemly revelation
That all is one and you are me.
Captured in hell and rescued
In heaven. Torment and release.

All joking aside, life is really
Pretty funny when you
Think about it. Crazy half-thoughts
Cascading down in waterfalls

Of painted words. Gagging on
The spoon of sugar dripping
With formaldehyde. Castor oil
Fills the swimming pool.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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