Day 209 – Have You Ever Used A Swear Word?

Some interesting points made here about using words with dark meanings…and I agree.

The 365 Poetry Project

Well the truth is, yes,
though other teachers might not tell you that.
They might not want you to know yet
that there will be times when you need to,
just to get by,
when screaming a big fat f-bomb
is your best chance to survive.

They may not want you to know yet
that for every foul dirty-mouth name you’ve heard
(and some you haven’t heard yet)
you will meet a person who deserves it
and you will play Adam in the garden
giving each of your beasts its proper adjective.

And sometimes you’ll see very bad things
covered up with more acceptable terms
like it’s alright that they exist,
but they are worse than the curse words you know-
words like discrimination, blasphemy, genocide-
words that we use to talk politely about
so much that is wrong in our world.

But words are not just words, my friends,

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Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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