Does Love Win?

Is it possible
That God never stops
Offering his love
To all of us?

Not just the chosen few,
But each and every person
On the face of the earth,
From the beginning of time

To the end of time?
Does God continue
To give and give
Until we give in?

Does God never
Take “No” for an answer,
Because he knows
What is really good for us?

Does he know
That down deep,
We all want his love,
We all want to be with him,

No matter what
We think or say
About him?
After all,

If we choose
To reject God,
And God gives up on us,
Wouldn’t that mean

That the enemy
Has won that battle?
Is our God so small
That he would permit

Most of his children
To spend eternity
Burning in hell?
Wouldn’t it seem,

If that happens,
That Jesus’ death
Was in vain?
In the end,

Does the most
Powerful being
In the entire universe
Get defeated

By his own creation?
After all,
Does God lose,
Or is God bigger than that?

Does Love win?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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