Somehow Saved?

It just doesn’t seem right
That a loving person
Should go to hell.

How can a person
Be loving, anyway,
Unless God dwells
In their heart?

For someone who is
Pure of heart.

We all know
People in our lives
Who do not call
Their self a Christian,

But they have more
Love in their heart
Than most Christians.
Would God condemn

Their souls to burn?
And if we believe
That it is the choice
Of the individual,

Whether or not
To ask Jesus into
Their heart,
Would God exclude

Someone who rejects
For all the hypocrisy
And corruption

That exists in its
Surely God recognizes
Their heart is in

The right place.
They are not
Rejecting God.
They are rejecting

If God does not
Look upon the outside
Of a person,

But rather the inside,
I would contend
That many people
Whom the church

Will be in heaven,
And those “believers”
That do not love others

Will go to hell.
If that’s the case,
It is possible
That there will be

And even atheists

That Jesus welcomes
Into the heavenly gates.
Jesus did, in fact,

Die to save everyone.

Who knows?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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