Crying inside,
But the tears don’t come.
Is there still hope
For someone like me?

Dark clouds
Hover above my head.
Is it a wicked storm,
Or the rain of forgiveness?

Serpents slither
Around my feet.
Do they come
To teach me a lesson?

Are they listening
To my thoughts?
What if I say
The wrong thing?

A raging inferno
Burns beneath me.
Am I in hell?
Or is the rage

Coming from
My own heart?
Fear and suspicion
Dog my footsteps.

Who can I trust?
Who is my friend,
And who,
My enemy?

There are voices
Coming from
The room beside me.
Are they discussing me?

Is this all
Narcissistic blather?
It’s not about me,

People have better
Things to do
Then worry about me.
But am I hiding?

Who am I, really?
Do they know?
Do I know?
Secrets follow me



Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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