Chasing Our Tails

Happy go puppy,
Round and round,
Chasing your tail.

What I wouldn’t give
To enjoy life that much.
Then again, maybe not.

After all,
What does it cost
To abandon one’s belongings?

What does it cost to live simply?
What does it cost
To bring oneself to the point
That you can be that happy

Over something so small?

Are we spoiled?
Are we living in a way
That is too complicated?

Are we really just
Chasing our own tail,
Metaphorically speaking,
In all our crazy pursuits?

Our hobbies,
Our commitments,
Our relationships,
Our conversations?

Our jobs,
Our belongings,
Our habits,
Our rituals?

Is it all,
As Solomon once said,
A “chasing after the wind”?

Maybe if Solomon was a dog,
He would have said it is all
A chasing after one’s tail.



Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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