UFOs (part 3)

(Continued from part 2…)

Her thoughts were somehow
Being transferred to my mind.
The creature had a gift:

But I had just seen that this
Was a sensitive situation.
She had most likely killed,
Then eaten, a human being.

She was a threat, I thought.
But she was not trying to
Kill me. Instead she was
Chosing to communicate–Why?

I just couldn’t make sense of
This awkward predicament.
As I was wrestling with the
Decision of what to do next,

She spoke again:
“What is your name, young one?”
“My name is Christopher,” I said.
“My friends call me Chris.”

“Nice to meet you, Chris.
“My name is Tanara.
“I am from the city of
Machooby, on the planet called

It is many light years from
This planet, in fact, it is in
A different galaxy.”

“Wow!” I said. How did you
Get here? And why did you
Kill that person, and eat them,
And feed them to your babies?

We had to travel for a very
Long time to get here, and
We had nothing to eat.
The other human was trying to

Attack my babies.
He caught them in a net,
And he probably would have
Either sold them into

Slavery for a menagerie,
Or killed them and eaten them.
I had to fight him when
He captured them.

I tried to talk peaceably to him,
But he would not listen to reason.
He would not talk to me, but chose
To fight me to the death instead.

After I killed him, I hated to let
the meat go to waste,
or to the birds, or
The hyenas, or the worms.

He was quite tasty,
Although I have never eaten
Human before, so I have
nothing to compare him to.

On my planet we mostly eat
What you would call
Fruits and vegetables.
They are very nutritious,

Although I sometimes yearn
For something else to tickle
My fancy. You better watch out,
I may get a “hankering” for you!

“Well, that’s good to know.
At least I know where you stand,”
I said.