The long lost art of the Smile.

This is a great sentiment, and a good point! 🙂

Writings of a Mrs


Have you forgotten how to smile?

Have you forgotten how to be patient and kind?  Have you forgotten how to be thoughtful, helpful?  When was the last time that you opened a door for someone, went to their aid when they dropped their books?  When was the last time that you connected with a stranger through a meaningful exchange?  When was the last time you asked after someone’s well being? Weekend?  Family?  And actually meant it and were eager to hear the answer?

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Poetry is Not the Giving Tree

Chillin’ in my chair,
Trying not to stare
Into the distance
As I feel my stance

Wobbly beneath me.
A busy day, costly
To my mind and body.
But brings home for thrifty

Purchases of necessities.
Do you blame me
For leaving early
Today? Every

Day, I give my energy
To my company,
Hell or high sea.
Sometimes I see

How it rearranges me.
I wonder if there could be
Some other job for me,
But it’s not likely.

So, even though
I don’t say no
To opportunity,
My situation tires me.

Could there be
Another way for me
To make money?
Poetry is not the Giving Tree

That I wish it could be.
You look at me,
Saying, “But it could be!”

Oh, Poetry!
How you edify me!
But you don’t feed me.
Slinking slowly

Out of reality,
I have a fantasy
Of how it could be,
But, alas, I am not free

To write constantly.
I must work to see
My paycheck biweekly
Deposited, usually.

So you ask me,
“Don’t you want to be
All that you could be?”
It is enough for me

To pay my usury.
My creditors love me
For my money,
Not my poetry!