True Beauty Lies Within

When I look at you,
My hope is renewed
In the human race.

I imagine that goodness
Can come into my life,
Already has, just by you being here.

I can trust once more,
I can seek the face of God
In my fellow human being.

When I consider the beauty
Of your heart and soul,
I am drawn closer to perfection.

So, why do I struggle so much
To keep my thoughts pure?
Why do I insist

On dwelling upon garbage?
Why do I stray from purity
Every day?

When God has given me
The wonderful gift of you,
Why do I not treasure you

As I should?
I will pray
That God will help me

To be thankful
For the blessings
That are in my life,

Instead of escaping into
The demonic trap
Of fantasy.

I want to stay true
To the love of my life,
My truly beautiful wife.