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Let’s go fishing from the pier at the back

Of our most scary imagination in the spot

Where we throw it all in the blender we

Hope something good will come of it but

Nothing ever does we keep on, not quite

Realizing the insanity of it all, the tiny bit

Morphs into the demon on your shoulder,

It clings, it sings, it whispers things that

Might disturb you, with a healthy set of

Wings, in a life of purity, of paradise, of

No stress or money. So, what do you do,

In this new found string of past times and

Experiential happenings, a couple stings,

For the family winged way to perfection

Thinking In A Box

Absurd recollections of injustice

The high reject the low,

Declaring themselves more worthy

To sit on the left and right

Of God’s mighty throne.

Ignorance can somehow pierce

The best of educations.

Lawyers, doctors, police officers,

Who is the real threat

To freedom? Is it a majority

Of closed minded people in

Strategic positions of power,

Or maybe young people

Who mostly vote with passion,

But sometimes short on

Experience? Making people think

Is the hardest thing to teach.


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Ending In Sight

Trough living, hay ride diving.

We want to take it fast, over the edge,

Take us to a fall, we, let’s just say I,

Want to fall, fall, fall, into nothingness.

No one will care anyway. You can leap

From the old, rickety carriage,

As it plunges to land on top of us.

The struggle does not mean death.

It is a delivery from all the bullshit of life.

We all run into that occasionally, right?

I just want to escape, for the cease and

Desist of life to mark an ending to the

Pain. We just need a little help.

A Detestable Creature

God Nothing, Stands down for me.

Owing nothing, just the same,

I make a buried claim for nonsense

To be meaning for my mind,

Medicine for my soul.

In the end I cry out,

Why have you done this to me?

Put me here without a clue,

Trapped underneath the weight

Of my self-consciousness,

Losing every day,

More and more, my will to live,

My simple willingness to reach out,

My trust in my fellow human being,

My capacity to feel secure,

In anyone else’s presence,

In my own thoughts, a terror,

To be known, experienced,

In the company of innocents,

For I consider myself a crudely shaped,

Ugly imposter, whose only justice

Is to be tortured to death,

A truly shameful act,

For a shameless, detestable creature.


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