My Covenant Prayer

I used to make plans,

To dream, to covet things,

To see myself in powerful places,

But now, I want to be

Wherever you put me,

With whom it is,

Even if it is so painful,

That I can barely stand it

(You have been there),

Even if I am unemployed,

Or employed for you, only,

At the bottom of a pit,

With not much to live on

(Sometimes it seems that way),

Or feeling lost, abandoned,

Meaningless, wandering,

With no purpose,

I give you all that I have.

We belong to each other.

I rely on you for everything.

Let this earthly covenant

Be ratified in heaven.



Lever smooth angel camera talent tease

Crave ache cheese quiet waste putrid

Koala beep mere vault peek grains fear

Tarantula weeping year grants depend

Career grieve punch joke hemp brawl

Piling grease tax zap kicking present fit

Crease temple reach deepening seep all


Regular feelings flow slightly over space

Between our bodies we know there is

Something real, we don’t know what.

Does it matter if we don’t understand the

Mysteries of love and pain, commitment

And betrayal? I have seen the sun set on

My hopes and dreams. I have sensed the

Turning flow of the seas. The moon basks

Our dancing in between each rain drop,

Reflecting each star, proving that every

Night brings a close to a journey, and

Every sunrise brings new energy, another

Chance to redeem oneself from the blood

That stains our hands. Wash me white as



In review the view is smooth the rocks

Are true all a name a tune in key do you

Move with coo  do the do realm ba do be

Here we are prove the radio tunes manure

Halo grew Jew poo we crew boo hew few

Lick tick mew vroom dew true womb boo

Argue tomb drew phew goo ol’ sew pew

Sleep More

Be nice be nice be nice do whatever asked

Smile and nod wave get along make peace

Smooooooooth it all out smoke a pipe

Reach out don’t press too much lay back

Wait and see bath until the bath water is

Thrown out along with you be patient be

Humble contrite no accusatory general

Balancing on the fence keeping with all

Don’t give anything away sleep more


Spade slicker I guess I better when we 

Wood tallow speaking giving trees come

Never boon a Ralph’s liquor input pow

Soft jingle jack rude sleuths gripped

The  moon angel gelatin capsules bison

Every little potato chip addict youth if

Calculating ophthamology  steam tender

Green stout manufacturer snout Apple

Seeking out new space stratuses elbow



Bickeye bucolic amnesia forget me not

Hand off verb stink few cube grass folio

Butane chock steel wrench chain Grendel

Spew hot Jew hot slaw Volkswagen pope

Newly sauntering table top purpose sort

Keys tonal yellow disturbance aggravate

Streak pole ambulance startle twine

Grease ankle pit crew silent dice stink