Closing ears to noise that flirts,
Keeping thoughts close to home,
Wonder how old is the dirt
Upon which my bare feet roam?

Angels flash in the corner of my eye,
Bending near to listen.
Always hovering close by,
Makes my eyeballs glisten.

Do you know the secret behind
Why we’re here alone?
Why doesn’t God bend an ear,
Or call us on the phone?

Wretches all are his children,
Not a good one in the bunch!
Selfish, weak, prideful, rude.
Never missing lunch.

Why do we strive so hard
To make ends meet every month?
“Is the manna enough?”we wonder.
Never trusting once.

God provides, or so they say.
I’ll be the one to judge.
Or in the process of the day,
Perhaps I will not budge.

Stubborn, cruel, wrathful, sullen.
Always last to the church,
If I do make it at all,
Leaving God in the lurch.

Someday it will all make sense,
Someday I’ll have peace.
Maybe once I leave this earth,
He won’t seem such a tease.

This plank inside my bloodshot eye
Stabs and slices my veins.
Oh, to be a believer again!
Oh, to pull back the reins.

This journey will come to an end
One day when I’m having fun.
It will all be worth it, my friend.
You won’t have to run.


Distractions (Chapter 2)

Peter, somewhat relieved by these words, muttered under his breath, “Thank you.”

“For saving your life, or for not telling anyone about it?” Leah asked with a smirk.

“Both, I guess…” Peter mumbled.

“It’s just that everything has been so crazy, lately. My mom left, and I don’t know where she went, or if she’ll ever be back. Dad is working double shifts at the mill, so I barely see him either. I just feel like it’s all my fault.”

“I assure you, it is not your fault that your mother left, or that your father is forced to work so much.

“Tell me, young man, what is your name?” Leah asked.

“Oh, sorry. My name is Peter. Why do you call me young man? You’re probably younger than me.”

Leah smiled. She was glad he changed the subject. Hopefully he was forgetting his troubles for a moment.

“I am four hundred seventy three years old, in your years,” she replied. “How old are you?”

“I don’t believe you. How can you be that old? Nobody lives that long. I’m seventeen, and that’s the truth!” Peter growled.

Leah blushed. She was not supposed to discuss her age, or the secret behind her long lifespan, with strangers. Suddenly she regretted her words.

“My people have a long lifespan because they are healthier than most beings,” she lied. “We eat only the purest and simplest foods, and drink only fresh water from the river.” This much was true.

“There’s no river around here that I’ve seen. I think you’re making all this up!”

“If you would like, I can show you,” suggested Leah. “It is beyond the mountain, in a valley full of beautiful plants and flowers. That is also where we grow our food, since the mountain is so barren and dry. We are safer up here, but we must take risks to stay alive.”

“Is it far?” asked Peter. “I have never been to the other side of the mountain.”

“It is far to walk, but not to fly. If you like, I will carry you,” offered Leah.

“That’s okay, I’m too heavy for you to carry,” Peter said, looking down and kicking some pebbles on the ground.

“Ha! I see you have a short memory, or perhaps a selective one. Did you forget–”

“–No, I didn’t forget anything,” Peter interrupted. “Are you sure it’s not too far? My dad will be wondering where I am soon. He’s probably awake by now.”

“You weren’t so worried about your father’s feelings a short while ago, when you–”

“–I just meant that I’m going to be in trouble,” Peter declared. “I should get home. Maybe some other time.”

Peter started to walk down the slope of the cliff, gingerly picking where he stepped, so as not to slip and fall.

Leah watched him, smiling. She was glad that Peter thought of his father, for whatever reason. Perhaps there was still hope for the young man.


Spinning in circles, I drill a hole
Through the concrete beneath my toes.

Never stopping to ask, “What if?”
Never looking beyond the gift.

Keen to all your little games,
It’s your pleasure to cause me pain.

Tortured days and nights with you,
No more meaning coming through.

Wishing all of it would end,
I make peace with foe or friend.

Will you give me your free hand?
Respect from you would be so grand.

Second Chances

Closed eyes hide steaming fury.
Muscles in shoulders tense.
Looking calm, so “what, me worry?”
Making a fist, no common sense.

Burning inside to rip your head off,
Crossing that line with a dangerous pitch,
You look behind and cautiously cough,
As you mumble to yourself, “you son of a bitch…”

Looking at me, if eyes could kill,
I would be dead in a hurry.
So, I stepped back and said to you,
“Chill, you have no reason to worry.”

Second chances come sometimes,
And I was hoping for mine now.
I would pay for all my crimes,
But did not want to know how.

“Let’s be friends,” I said with a grin.
“We don’t need to fight.”
So you relaxed, all said and done.
And these days we are tight.

An End and a Beginning (Chapter 1)

Peter leapt off the cliff into complete darkness. His ears caught a phrase being screamed at him a second too late.

Suddenly Peter felt something catch him in mid air,
Something soft, with feathers and wings.

Is it a bird? Is it a human? It didn’t make sense. It tilted back so that it felt like it was climbing to a higher place.

Still holding on tight, Peter started to relax.
“Where are you taking me?” he asked.

No answer.

Finally the steep climb was over and the creature came to a slow stop and landed, laying Peter down in the grass. Peter couldn’t see much around him, as it was quite dark. He figured he was probably still far away from any people, as there were no lights to be seen anywhere. The moon was just a crescent, barely showing the trees and bushes around him.

“What were you trying to do up there, kill yourself? That is a drop of several hundred feet, with jagged rocks at the bottom.” It was a female voice.

“As far as what I was doing, that’s my business. Who are you, and where did you come from?” Peter shouted.

A flash of light appeared in front of the creature, revealing the face of a woman with short, blonde hair. Although she had wings on her back, the rest of her looked human. She held a round, glowing sphere in the palm of her hand.

“I am Leah, from the sky people. We live near that dangerous precipice you jumped off from a few minutes ago. Our home is in the caverns inside the mountains. I have seen you, over the last few nights, walk up to that cliff and stare out into the darkness, always at night, when there is nothing to see.”

“What do you care where I go or what I do?” Peter growled. “So what if I was trying to kill myself? What difference does it make to you?” Peter scowled at the flying woman, embarrassed that she had seen him go up there several times, and then, which was worse, when he did finally muster up the courage to jump, she interfered with his plans by saving his life. “Now,” Peter thought to himself, “not only am I still alive, but I suppose I am also indebted to this woman for saving me.”

“If you are worried about me telling someone what happened, you don’t have to worry,” Leah soothed. “I won’t tell a soul,” she smiled. “But you have to promise me one thing: that you will not try again.”

Scuzz Ball

Cleaving to your skinny feet,
I dig my nails into your ankles.
Dragging me down the sidewalk
Should be considered an Olympic sport.

“I just want to be with you!” I cry.
But your ears are closed to my
Desperate pleadings. You don’t care
To waste your time with a scuzz ball
Like me.

I’d like to be your friend, or maybe
An associate, but my efforts are
In vain, I fear. Nobody loves a loser.
Maybe later, I say to myself.

Perhaps when he is in a better mood.
Perhaps when he loses everything,
One day, he will come looking for me,
And when he finds me, he’ll thank The Lord that he has me.


Checkmate Elegy

Cremate your lactate so we can elevate
Your fruitcake for checkmate.
Leave somber selves upon crowded Shelves, including my bells.

So, what is true for you, so candidly?
Where do you come from so quickly?
Do you have what it takes to make a cake? Do you dream of better days?

How does the angel fall from such lofty
Heights? What the hell?
Sneakier sounds were never recorded.
Come to me and see me freely.

Sweeter tastes come through insane.
Jungle gym teaser pleases me instantly.
Happy-go-lucky friend rescues the repeat. Do you see the meager gently?

Follow sinking semblance of swordplay.
Fell today on top of elegies.
Do you desire a brighter day?
Come quickly, on your knees.


Candles burning through the night,
Bathing my face with their warm light.
Teeth clenched under trembling lips,
Tossing stomach doing flips.

Anxious brow, concentrates.
Future only seals my fate.
Speechless leaves me.

Quivering from head to toe,
Running round, to and fro.
Guessing games puzzle me,
Scathing answers set me free.

Endings come so quickly now,
Testing thoughts and senses follow.
Catching me unaware,
Staggering, I stand and stare.

Take me there against my will,
So that I may drink my fill.
Climbing truth’s window sill,
I catch my breath, standing still.

For a Season

Closing doors to open others,
Climbing mounts to descend again.
What’s in store for my future?
What will change, what stay the same?

One thing for sure,
That’s nothing’s for sure.
Things are bound to change,

Suffering will last for a season,
Meaning wanes in hard times.
Tediousness is predictable
To outlast interests.

Thrills are few and far between
For creatures of habit, like me.
Stability and comfort dominate
As discipline works its magic.

Repetition smooths out the wrinkles
In the rhythm of my soul.
Aches and pains raise their ugly heads

But nothing lasts.