A Trip to the Sea

Stepping slowly into the sea,
I feel a breeze blow on my face.
Wonder if I should be careful?
Wonder if I should be scared?

Is there someone coming here,
Watching me in this moment?
Maybe I should count my toes.
Maybe I should count to ten.

Will the rain fall on my day?
Will the words come I should say?
I think I will go for a swim.
I think I’ve decided not to worry.

Would you like to keep me company?
Would you like to go with me
Into town to see a movie?
Come with me and we shall see.

Have you been here before?
Are you from this city?
You don’t know what you are
Getting into when you’re with me.

Let’s go find a shell to carry.
Let’s see if we can decorate.
See if you can see the fish
In the sea all around me.

It has been a nice afternoon.
It is nice to be with family.
Maybe you can make a habit
Of coming to the sea with me.



Crashing close to comfort,
I ran the needle through.
Caught it on the other side,
Where my unsteady hand was waiting.

For just a moment,
I felt like I was in heaven,
But soon enough,
Reality returned to my perception.

Fools’ errands are made
By sillier men than me.
What was I thinking,
To try to outsmart fate?

To lay it all out
For the world to see,
To be so indecent,
What came over me?

I will promise myself,
Never to repeat my mistake.
I will be faithful to the truth,
And stop chasing the wind.

If only I could figure out
How to escape my destiny!
If only I could speak the truth,
Watching my words so carefully.

I will try to do better.
I will not jump at the latest fad.
I know there is more to life
Than being burned and getting mad.

What’s the point of taking chances
When there is such a sure thing
In the ways of learned wisdom,
Not one stupid, wild fling?

I will do according to the book
I was given as a child.
I will use careful speech
I will be so meek and mild.

Never will they recognize me
From my days of craziness.
Never will they think to fry me,
Like that day of reckoning.

I will be the opposite
Of my nearest tendency.
I will be something different.
I will set myself free!

A Second Birth

Crawl down
Underneath the ground.
Bury yourself,
But don’t make a sound.

Fury follows you
Into the unknown.
It fries your flesh.
It crushes your bones.

You try to escape,
But there is no turning back.
You must keep going
On this dark path.

Can you see
The pain in my eyes?
Can you feel
The one I despise?

It all comes down
To one simple thing:
Will you forgive?
You must cut this string.

It binds you tight
To your inner fears.
It ties you up
In knots through the years.

Trying to live
With all of this hate
Boiling inside you
Will drive you insane.

Cut it all loose!
Set yourself free!
Run from this place,
And you will feel glee.

You must tear the truth
From all of these lies.
You must face it now,
You must stop the cries

Of the poor
And the needy.
The world never dies,
Degree by degree.

But instead we will sigh
And forget all our hurts,
Our cold isolation,
A second birth.

In the Now

Cringe, post a mark.
Laugh, be a tart.
Run, lift, screeeeam!
You’re on the cake and in the cream!

Do you know the secret
Of doing good business?
Tell the truth,
That’s what I always say.

Wars wage out the window,
Behind us, on the front lawn.
We sleep a soundless sleep,
In the quiet of our bedroom.

Catch a wing,
Flutter to the sky.
Try your best to escape
This broken world, or die.

Get a high from joking
Ruffians smoking dope.
Get a wild hair up with
Nothing to do but cry

For the fun you’ll never have,
The love you’ll never know,
The pleasure you will never,
Ever find in abandoned alleys

Where you spend your waking hours.
Shooting up only brings you down
In the sorry end.
So, which way to turn?

Live to the fullest on the battlefield
Of life. Never give up!
Treasure your dreams,
And follow your heart.

Even if you never achieve
Your goals, it is your dreams
And the yearning of your heart
That let you know for sure

That you are still alive.
For without a dream,
There is no hope,
And without a heart,

There is no passion.
So dream on,
Always knowing
That in the end,

You were completely
Here, and completely
Alive and awake,
In the now.

Above All Else

Caverns crumble
Around the body.
Birds squawk
To warn of trouble.

The roof is caving,
But I have no pitch.
Where will I go
Without a home?

Walls press in
To squash the weak.
Women scream
Of wretched treatment.

The enemy is coming
At the eve of morning.
Our soldiers will never
Keep the peace.

Warnings abound
From storefront preachers.
Oracles of death
Cry out the worst.

Darkness falls
To cover unspeakable
Crimes too obscene
To mention out loud.

What will be
The fate of my kingdom?
Will my family starve,
Or become beggars?

Traitors abound when
What we need most
Is a kind word
And a kinder deed.

Will men be unfaithful
To their oaths?
Will mothers be torn
From their children?

Times of war
Bring out the worst,
Though times of peace
Breed laziness.

A man who represents
His house and his ancestors,
Should fear the loss
Of his good name

Above all else.

Sooner or Later

Conflict coming
Sooner or later.
A vote and a stroke
Of luck for the hater.

Nobody being brave
Right now.
Nobody asking
When and how.

Barack standing
Alone on this.
I don’t blame him
For being pissed.

Outrage seethes
From every side.
Assad gets cocky,
Or tries to hide.

Nobody wins
In times of war.
How did they
Get this far?

Killing their own
Without hesitation.
What is wrong
With this generation?

Bleak Hollows

Bleak hollows hard remnants
Streaking serpents cleave
To tree branches above me.
Is there a solution?

Happy testaments reek slowly
Real apples bellow hoping
Dangerous dimensions.
Quiet sandstorms turn about.

Leaving my luck behind,
I bend insanely forward,
Seeing my reflection
In a dirty pool below.

Trials test my resolve,
Keeping my instincts sharp
And my headaches strong.
Long words echo in my brain.

Please stay with me
One more minute,
Closing the book
To the future forsook.

Blimp Simple

Blimp bounce barrel beep
Cringe cape corral cling
Creep kick keep tangle
Tickle type torch temper

Tap tick treat tarantula tramp
Stick stack stork sample
Sack sick psyche seek
Swap swing swat slinky

Wack womp wart whip
Reek route wriggle round
Wipe watch wrap ramp
Real rankle retake render

Remember reality realm
Retention wrinkle rape
Lip lap leave livid lack
Lose lame repeat well

Lean level keep quack
Quite crinkle kill step
Stamp steep straight strike
Streak steak sake simple

Beep ball champs!

Play on, run,
Skip and jump!
Beep the ball,
Shake your rump!

We’re the Tallahassee
Watch us swagger
When we walk!

Better watch out,
Cause here we come!
Gonna stomp on opponents,
Gonna get us some

Points, that is,
On the board.
We may be behind,
But watch us soar!

Swing that bat,
Chase that ball,
Smash that base,
We even crawl.

Looking back at you
In our dust,
Our metal bats
Will never rust.

We’re a well-oiled
Machine of sorts.
When you see us coming,
You’ll poop your shorts!