track the back of macked lack nasty motley dude
drive huge march loud amble tease treat seat loft
angel doddle oggle ask ort swear type tike psyche
sack step quiver lab lob lib rob raid stack lock eat
nick knock knack rock route yell ate rake valuate
liver exile zip mead zap walk weird take sort swipe
pipe peep pope preach rich reach ratchet locket knee
nike like queen x-ray veer zoom march munch mich
left let quit trite malevolent violent every rip ocular
hit hike hock hawk quite clear came meece meek
claim monk cigarette nice simulate either older mean
mention every happy nauseous client window able


Tried skipped lifted lame large lack
Inside order kept again (and again)
Backside leave left lank orange into
Rearrange quarter less diced less
Minced mouse murder ache quirk
Quit click quick creak kick lick mitt
Map might visual viper evaporated
Leveled same slick sight sat wipe
Wart wack work sap swipe smear
Wrap reek stop stored stick rip rap


mip mark map match lick lap emulate skim
swim stick stripe laugh like amble roar ask
torch take escape order strike emblem enable
it lift elevate neck elegy rift route toute doubt
nibble never knob eventually narc nab north
estruary is true, harry? ed and terrie mack and
mary ted and larry ralph and carrie aid laid
go gift gargantuan rack mail lake test wrist
mast alphie land ladder ache sake leg made
real dead lead gall date red must moral mark
old wall click zebra mead all hate huge duck
nail call veil lack wack end mend tend in on
song send lock y’all earl undulate webb ox box
getting tad have nab mold environs mix tall

me again

spilling spite into the bucket below me,
I tank at the tulip garden on top of a
mack truck, so sleepy and quieted.

slipping onto something more uncomfortable,
I alleviate my tamer ticks by tackling colds,
creating matches, and keeping general stamps

on my collective unconscious. then, tipping
stop-gap moos and reaching round-abouts,
mellow lanky mop-heads come at me.

such is life with zapping, crying tap dancers.
muffing, I lounge inside a chicken coop,
then trundle around seven rotund, kept

sucubi. same search as last year, only
this sirius ain’t want it cooed to see.
leveling reactions on labeled raunchies,

I conclude that it is sordid to leap before
you lap, and kick three sick drunks on
my sack full of secrets. rocking lakes

of socking, yellow catch-me-on-the-can
reruns, licking right of lame quite-sos, and
mightying marks of sealed rainbows, the

cleaned wire gaunts lovely. what a feeling!
to run down roaring gloves on wrong, so
wrong, rearrangements, I settle down to me.


meandering along a mump-filled landscape,
I stop on the side to ponder infinity.
that doesn’t last long, so I
catch a train to loudville,

leaking lame lordships as I go.
arranging types of tangos in unseemly
tarantula keepsakes, I feign a stop
at Angelo’s, my favorite restaurant

on the coast of the Panhandle.
Trying desperately to tell the truth,
but failing miserably, I sort out
creatures from down below.

Catching a cold from outer space,
I tango with misses and mice,
teaching telling telegraph-making
to first-graders in eleven school districts.

oh, the time I had, keeping up!
yodeling as I went, I walked up
the nearest mountain only to
find myself alone in a deadly forest

full of angelic and christological morbids.
“care for a cup of tea?” they asked me,
but I was the wiser and opted for goat milk.
such is the jouney I had that day.


horn out lift real rub lack life each click
quick camp create knock knife ambulatory
if orb render arrange order cleave meow
road elf quandry kill might meander iche
leaking total nordic mortal test tight tell
lord ripe eleviate sum sick shallow shut
shame schtick slight cackle queezy much
match luck like lamb trite middle tag tick
must head hip hike lad sordid shackle
steam tan turpid cloud quiz larder mock


come view here not the way you chose mine
seeking reaching out climbing searched nothing
under cringe trust leave your level in control
loud making master try another do-over again
not the same not right not honest not me

ride it out smoothly coming close to routine but
wrenched from it cranky creature canker voice
wounded clipped crunch catch weak neat nice
moreover same as before shout shrug nudge
never again need must hit nick naught name

cold clever unkept kicked quartered into it
endeavor reach to them reach to him come close
click quiet claim clean keep quit knitt real
revved red endeared did doubt delight niche


Must you please come thrust through cussed

Moo blustering death knots in seemly cute

Obscenely true quite nublial quite tubelial

Soil sinking sunk shipped sought some dust

To spread bread onto dry toast roast a boat

Moat meat might market thought throp clop

Wrought bought unto trot mot lot caught

Dunk down dinky drafts untreated loud

Unbelievably treat me trusted meet me sin

Sound seek ye found funky friend feet sit

Sight shop unto ripe wrong lite long left

Leap underneath apple treat seat leave he

You me muck munch couch lounge lively

Eke out every miffed mound each rowdy

Rump loudly limping to the lip blundering

Fist floundering food flop fidget front and

Sickly quick drip kick miss rock test tiff

its yours

dripping dropping flacking flicking sing songs of sipping
slender slipping socks onto sapping sorts of sameness
really. did you? no, never. I would never do that.
I figured. now, to climbing, kicking, strapping storks
under battered beams of emblems in nearby namesakes
reality blown up into surreality slugged them with it!
blew it out cringe grapping the oh shit handles of life
food, sex, power, greed, wealth, accumulation of junk
wal-mart yard sales sales sales spending it all with
nothing in your pocket but credit cards yes they say
yes of course you may you may have it on sale you may
have it anyway you may have it any way you want any
time you want any where you want it. just ask and it
shall be yours and we will even send it to you if you don’t
ask just take it, please, keep it, enjoy it, you can pay us
later just make sure you make that payment or even
better don’t so we can charge you surreal interest to
match your surreal purchase and surreal greed. it’s yours.


unload offer sneeze sap sank mame
tangent tingle towards tank try sip
trip ebb leak lord lend tease loud
like mouse reach redo ripe ankle might
manger swamped sleek slap etouffe
stripe stick job jaunt jack jeep goof
get grip sis sad clip clop kick said
sit hike hit hot hick-up tuck stood
eat ardor harbor swipe swallow type
whip want weak raw mall lose goose
great gaff glove live orange able
got easy hop psyche swap swear
rabble quick loop lap pale quit knot