A Shame

Hello seeking bell ringers zooming circles

Around ground keepers yuuuuuge yes off

Forward friends cruel comments onto me

Pile into vehicles speed down tracks now

Polls say never again no it’s a shame oh

I hate it when greedy rich people want to

Squeeze the vulnerable and helpless for

Just a little more and each together adds

To a billion more for their silk pockets it’s

A shame


Healing homesteads vendors jump heads

Kicking lips friends confront wanting bits

Jeers cells fears green years dents creases

Poison rolls fusion bears goosebumps am

Love flips weeks trolls growls hits zoom

Lop review yonder wonder sooner than

Tomatoes goofy lids cool rear Zimbabwe


Study foul aberrant clues future sink reel

Lacking enable volume cross sickle tick or

Stack moose beef stick frolicking ocular is

Maneuvering hot vats semblance sicken

Norse robbery pirates tackling fish shores

Deepening stab slow blood trickles smile


Quiz veal check war check prisons check

Persecution check prejudice check racism

Check oligarchy check imperialism check

Pollution check endangered species check 

Animal cruelty check child abuse check

Discrimination check domestic violence

Check monopolies check check check

Jack Pink

Circles to boxes no matter how mum

Being in a nice room with no clutter

Invite everyone have a party relax get

Used to it have a happy hut strife they’ve

Been  there they had that slop

Incorporation meal trickle brick southern

Feet mall sick Alpha veteran could

Wooden shop elder Molly poll yack volt

Wall great delay ink toggle front good

Regal involuntary bug queen food ralk 

Rude fought walk poison group biggest

Yack  zoom green jack pink live happy

Tell ‘Em, Boss

Painting hunting at night over good

Meek get her done so what bourbon

It’s at the amnesiac triumphant big game

Nothing stupid but my constitution my

Resolution and been there nice gift gore

Analogous Cupid pantheon levitation

Jocular wanderlust tango Volkswagen

Underneath they use the I stand pudding

Okay right tell ‘Em boss you tell ‘Em

Junk Hip

Fix a loud muscle toad rankle optimum

Leer awe louvre Valium soothe amble

Roth teeth ground wound feet smite

Pole create varnish quite sight peanut

Need lead follow moth happy harbor

Keep flow friend goth juice plenty bib

Jocular dead zip bread green bellow

Pillow Bartholomew great dip junk hip

How to do such a simple innocent thing

No one belies strength citizenry accent

And I am language I am light friendship

Is in my blood I wear my heart on my

Sleeve I worry about little things they

Worry about me take your time, they say

Be patient love yourself as a person that’s

Where they get me I don’t I have no idea

How to do such a simple innocent thing