Mad Haste, But Not Too

Mad haste to taste my waist,
Unless you’d rather baste
Until the sun sets in the puddle,
A gentle reminder that we are rubble.
Southern tumble makes me wonder
Why are we so tender in the middle?
Still, the crumble cars that travel
Seek to stumble, but not too


Between It


Simple sorrys bring back memories.
Sticks and things hover merrily.
Lewd tarantulas circumnavigate
Around seven long bottoms.

How danger came to high hill callers
Is a mystery to all the fathers.
Rings and strings attached at the belt rings.
Heaven happy tantalizing creatures

Crawl upward to the strange roofs.
Loud cooks cover capstones
On top of killjoy seekers.
Guessing only makes it sweeter.

Pillow hankies quiet down cannot dives,
But noose nappers clean apple boobs.
Sinking salmon cloud kick start Angels,
During duck queens ordered to run.

Whacking wolves wear underoos lots,
Then teepee larges leak lame diagonals.
Reading aloud to buried surgeries
Quite due for tricks beneath hell holes.

Long dainty mellow bunks prove all in.
Bellows squeeze quarter rains around
Willows wiping weed walkers waving.
Weaving wheel medium mouse quacks.

Quiver lame rudder clicks brokering
Bitter bickering brought belly mutts.
Mouths maybe much quills liking.
Lint orbs making marks between it.



Ball sort port sport
Free send spend friend
Groove smooth screw
Mood huge touch much
Such silly things spring
Lovingly from happy
Hands man you can come
Some day something
Tingles it mingles sane
Mane lain slain main
Stain angry mounds of
Tangled lemon juice a
Little paprika thrown
In for flavor made toward
Loud stools mules stubborn
Stings sweet meat treat
Feet light fight fright
Tight might quite right
Height strike mike trike
Apple tart heart start
Cart stark stork fork
Pork mouth south
Look mood rude true
Spoonful true pee yew
Screw few tables sink
Mink ladles ladies tri-
Angles leaning trying
Cables mean still meander
Labels still rearranging
Conquest stupid tooth
Mood cooper lid stork
Rankle teething silk
Stinking roller rinks
Marking wrinkle tide
Wide open wide like
Thomas Jefferson
Smoking weed he did
You know his type even
Smoothly singing tunes
To tasty music mouths
Loud rousing tousled
String beans can you
Count can I lets go
Let’s do our thing lets
Leave it now on the
Counter country kick
Stick Mickey muck
Brick lick ticking time
Slime ring finger found
Round type town train
Male mail malleable
Mantra mouse luck
Huckle Finn freak tout
Teak leak meek read
Route mute poop toot
Clue move loot cute
Root moot sloop slop
Pop prop fruit soot
Mars plop plod squad
Dod mod pod wad real
Meal smell steel squeal


Level leer rowdy render
Mark on lack wack hack
Heave lean mere rear
Lame same tame triage
Quite kill steal meal
Real till trill mill quill
Remade ladle weak
Leak meek reek peek
Tame wane same came
Crane stain mane queer
Cane trig wig twig step
Clip step met rip quit
Mellow quiver river spill
Halo help murder rib
Crib mean preen mitt

Lounging Stick

Lounging lovely, search it out.
Sit, pout, then power ready.
Sting and shout, meandering.
Leave your coat, underneath.
Trials tame you, make you couth.
String a little liar ring inside.
Bending slowly, alternate, lively.
Roundabout, wired, sing for angels.
Leaning in, tame the sword thing.
Tarantulate veering powder heads.
Ride rainbows, realize. Laughing
Loudly licking tickle teepee stick.

Marry Gel

Marry mouse mink thing oval
Tarry mellow meander rainbow
Tame move elbow elated every
Now bowl leave lewd ooze into
Cruise schmooze lose ruse tube
Entropy cute mood crude boo
Poo same cram lamb Pam bam
Like said cleave movie endorphin
Maybe port seed mouth pee if
Lots word kick lame quick pick
Read weeds tall ball vacuum orb
Pack rack frack tack jack fight
Tight quack exact zoom pot realm
Year yell kill bell mail tell cube
Sell veal queer trill well veer type
Mike bill quell hell Nell peel gel


Slide dump crumble slump
Pump rump swamp clump
Wallop roll hell really sit
Wow cow now how brow

Mean sweet sleet cleat
Feet mood rude crude
Slur clue eschew find
Create clean morph

Tackle wrinkle nickel
Mitt sweat make sink
Swear mellow lack
React malt loud track

Sack Mack salt swallow
Still ending equal mark
Kick tick click writ pit
Lewd true lick slick

Rind tin sort tort tart
Climb order toward
Quarter stick tick
Queen elevator rad

Mod light whack kite
Locker ward lots wet
Wheat lord ankle why
White laugh hide orb

Might mud beat veer
Gift lead chew wad
Pet year rot pup it
Poop lit mad get cell

Bip Bop (I Am Me)

Fix never, slip, bip bop,
Hang twice nice triumph;
Not closed, so open,
Loud, screaming, level.

Nearby near you, then me.
Cackle creatures nickel
Meandering, rewind
Lengthy schmoozing.

Clinging to swipes.
Violent wipes tangle,
Angled towards them.
Running underneath

Realms of agreement.
Lords of acidic types
Round reading ripe.
How to claim the same,

Leaning to the best
Endings, conquest.
Defeat suffering.
Best to be least.

At the bottom,
I feel it coming.
It climbs up me.
It surrounds me.

It covers my head.
Am I happy?
That’s a silly question.
I am me.