From One to the Other

Let  That Feeling of Closeness Live For Ever...
Image by -RejiK via Flickr

Bridge gap slow run leap fall free foam from

fee fan and drive dip deep dope damn dock mock

might more real see sap pat pour hype hop lip

breast feel high hat pose golf balls cream price

mat bop rice goop yonder yelp jack tat reep poll

gas rod wipe gape bell rope waste nanny hose

mop paw ripe fear tear jump camcorder gulf

heap help pelvis pour hike happy rate fat book

crush crash fish fight light loud hut freedom

lounge lap dance follow come hat swing swallow

legs near tip poise goat none fallopian tease two



Theme Thursday – “Bridge”



Kick Butt

closed camping kicked door

ambulate cackle reach steep

pee lead loud lewd catch

cringe cute coat quote

angel maple real quiver

curmudgeon cap caught

seize slack sick sock creek

aha mow meow wean tuck

lick love lap leap label

drip drop drive disc doubt

devout double deep bobble

ditch chocolate cheap champ

ant leech koala crease lamp

rant tweezer two caste cool.



ABC Wednesday – Letter “C”


Tomorrow is another day,

After all: keeps comin’

Closin’ angles reached doom

Room sour psyche peep

Rerun riff annie want whip

Roof lied through more

Candy slope rip quite it

Prop hot beep bright flow

Flack floor white slippery

Rude allowed deed veer

Wear through point dress

Kiss point tire pit fire pill




Carry on Tuesday #116


Weevle bug
Image by ChrissieWiz via Flickr

jumping jowles sleep hungry howls.

tastey tips come to creaking grips.

deep dude dripping down dangerous

damp devious doorknobs.

hollow hip hyped horn in zoom

cram  cackle cute.

boob bam boggle real door dang

dabble doodle red sickle soccer

sample leave label lap weevil wonder

wack raft laugh after wit.



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do thy trend lope rend try tick odd
cable kid kick check crick elbow
maybe tube topple reach rely able
sound kind anger sick lead lord
label lid angular sybil torch sop sock
order never nick knife rip knock knob
clip send lob bell bring ching song
knee kong cringe sing and made
read nifty nice round wiped clean
old sick table rift key oggle swift
ripped lift ate keep pry whip lounge


affecting swimming closing in streaming
falling edge so close so keep away please
step so be there be here be right here
never never want to never give it gone
stick stipend streak end of when living
lend lord leap leech latch envelope tease
tripe trip tap tick stack rack ripe rope
climb cleave clip quite quit stripe elbow
laugh lip lunge arrow rip kick same route
effluvia narrow reek stuck lean loud ate
underneath nap knive knack nice knob


Stop wound wire reach roar round rink
Lambast primeval stocking enough sit
Lude lanky tubular alphabetical sounds
Northern nuptial geometric rafter angle
Podcast caught leap lob angelic stoop
Clipping coop elf hack muscular make
Ocular warped kicked loop wand map
Yak yonkers tad hat gap pack wipe step