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Bow tie beep beep happy strings pull up

Your cloak find a puppy in your hands

Closer tantra olive greeting enamel snow

Trust boogie wolves climb hills dessert now


Turkey Mourning

Turkey stuff your face cry laugh mourn

Bond of family fun not really foundation

Fly above angels listening hear your sobs

They hold your hand sit with you waiting

Places memories flashbacks pain loss sigh


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Goose valorous valiant villain vouching for

Beer and bread and chips hats hello hells

Prevent pucker on lost leaving lounges win

Watch yeast yellow onto really must most


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Black tar asphalt concrete highways roads

Sidewalks stumbling falling laughing sobs

Drunk drank too much whiskey beer wine

I don’t like the current events around me


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Cross cable cook kill maneuver ring staple

Suit manicure boss title kook look Bruce

Wookie reduction trousers crisper tabs up

Bullet bill sock still wheel wallop cruises


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