Smorgasbord: Ch. 2

I jumped into a wrestling match with two babies and a rattle. I was hopeless, it seemed. I never did come close to understanding the riddle that is conundrum. Only beefsteak hallelujahs and tomato pies. As a stickler for steering wheels, gas pedals and emergency brakes, I never saw it coming. Much as I made candy, the more I had to make a pitstop. Wanton meandering cost me the prize, so I always surrendered to the other side. It wasn’t a pretty scene. Rather gross and ineffective, if I do say so myself. I had no homeliness to caricature, but only bananas and grapes. I didn’t see the end coming. Just a shady beginning.


Smorgasbord: Ch. 1

This wreck I perchance valued to clobber a rather pensive conglomerate. I gave my all to space shuttle atrophy and menial confessions to the nth degree. Would you wonder what the heck came of such frail knots and curdled milk? Much grief, much sulking, much brooding. Only as a train wrecks can someone believe in pushing someone else to the point of jumping off a bridge. So I waived the white flag and steered my tractor trailer into the truck stop. I was trucking along pretty well up till then, when my persuer nipped me in the bud. I gave up the ghost and wrestled my two penny to a natural mess. Can you gloss the fear inherent in this hopeless match? I felt good about it nonetheless and was determined to ride it out to the end.